Designing Your Bedroom

How To Design Your Bedroom For Better Sleep?

More shut-eye, thanks to a few smart choices.


A lot of people style their rooms depending on their personality, but interior designers are taking it a step further. The bedroom is a sanctuary where you can sleep and rest, so interior designers are creating designs that help the owners feel more relaxed and improve the quality of sleep.

Invest in a Comfortable Bed

A lot of people feel more relaxed in a bigger bed as they have more room to roll over while they are sleeping. Smaller beds, on the other hand, will make it feel more restricted to the person sleeping on the bed. But your perfect bed size should also depend on your budget.

Another thing you should invest in is bed bases that can help you feel more comfortable and helps your mattress give you a night of quality sleep. Bed frames also add a particular aesthetic to your room that will make it more comfortable for you.


Invest in a quality mattress

The most important thing that you should invest in your bedroom is your mattress. While it seems like it is pretty expensive, a high-quality mattress will last longer and give you a night of quality sleep. Buying a cheaper mattress that you will just change after a few years is a waste of your money.

Lighting In Layers

A lot of people are using their bedrooms as their workspace as it is the place where they can feel most comfortable in. Adding bright overhead lighting is essential, but make sure that you have a dimmer bedside lamp that you can turn on when it is time to sleep.

Aside from that, you should opt for heavier and darker curtains if you want to sleep during the day. Excessive light can interrupt your sleep and decrease its quality.

Adding More Bedroom Furniture

While a lot of people think that less is more when it comes to bedrooms, adding the essential objects will help you make your room more organized to help you fall asleep faster.

More PillowsA lot of people are already comfortable with two to four pillows. However, you can add more pillows to make it feel more suitable for you. Some people prefer buying Jory Henley memory foams as it adds more comfort and support to their head while they are sleeping.

Add ChairsWhile chairs will not directly help you fall asleep, they will add a sense of comfort to your bed. This overall feeling in your room will make it seem more comfortable for you and let you fall asleep in your bed faster.

woodgate bedroom with armchair

PaintingsPeople may not think about paintings as a way to help them fall asleep, but it is advisable to give your room an artistic feel through pictures to increase your comfort level. Abstract and pattern paintings help some people fall asleep faster as they give off a more relaxing vibe.

Bedside TablesThe essential function of bedside tables is to add a place wherein you can put some of the things so that you will have less clutter on your bed.


Studies show that there are specific scents that can help people fall asleep because they are triggering certain parts of the human brain to relax. Generally, scents help in helping you fall asleep by either relaxing your mind or relieving your stress.

Scents For Relaxing

Lavender is one of the most popular scents that a lot of people love. It can improve sleep quality and even help ease insomnia for some people. Another popular scent is chamomile, as it is known to induce sleep.

Scents For Relieving Stress

While scents for relaxing induces sleep, scents for relieving stress, on the other hand, will reduce the anxiety you are feeling if that is the problem that prohibits you from sleeping. Ylang-ylang is one of the most sought-after scents to reduce stress as it decreases your alertness.


While it is not a part of the overall aesthetic of your bedroom, you can have the best sleep when your room is at a comfortable temperature. Experts say that the best temperature that you can easily fall asleep is around 65℉ or 18.3℃. Of course, this varies per person, but you can easily find your sweet spot so that you can have a better sleep. 

Color Scheme

While a lot of owners would choose their favorite colors for their bedrooms, specific colors can help people fall asleep. It is vital that there is a cohesive color scheme in your bedroom to bring out the harmony between colors.

Pale Blue

If you're noticing that a lot of interior designers are choosing blue colors for the bedroom, there is the best color to induce sleep. The color blue gives a calming feeling when received by our eyes.

Minimalistic White

While a lot of people are feeling more relaxed when the walls are painted blue, more people are opting for a more minimalistic white color scheme as they feel more comfortable. The idea behind this is that the room will feel bigger and more breathable than other darker colors.


The more disorganized your room is, the more difficult it is to fall asleep. While it is not directly related to designing your bedroom, decluttering still appeals to people visually and helps them relax. Removing the clutter will improve your sleep. By adding bedside tables and chests will help you declutter and organize your bedroom.

While decorating your bedroom, make sure that you are not adding too much furniture that your room will start to feel messier and smaller. Just add the things that will truly help you stay organized.

Fix Your Bed Every Morning

A study by the National Sleep Foundation reports that among the people who answered their survey, 19% of them are feeling more peaceful when they make their beds every morning. While it is a straightforward task, a lot of people do not fix their beds in the morning because they're busy with their works.

However, as time goes by, the unkempt bed will feel messier, and it will be harder to sleep in peace while there is too much clutter in your bed.

Ready To Design Your Bedroom?

It seems to be a little daunting to design your bedroom on your own, but it is pretty easy. In Jory Henley Furniture, there are a variety of bed frames, mattresses, and other things you need to add in your bedroom to make it more comfortable for you.

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