4 Tips To Buy A Quality Double Bed Frame

The human body’s sleep governs its mental well-being and the quality of physical health. Moreover, if a body is deprived of a good night's sleep, then it can't possibly imagine being at the top of the game. Having a top-quality bed frame is integral to sleeping well. After all, a high-quality bed frame helps you provide the much-required comfort and support you always need for a deep sleep. However, while choosing a double bed frame, you must consider several factors, such as size, style, height, and material. Analysing these factors will help you find an ideal double bed frame that enables you to sleep well. This explainer will share four tips to help you find quality double bed frames. Let's get started.

Finding An Ideal Size 

Measure your mattress. This way, you'll ensure your bed frame is of an ideal size. Double bed mattress dimensions are 137 cm wide and 190 cm long. And you'll find double bed frames in conventional or platform styles. The platform style provides a streamlined look, while the traditional frames bring ample storage options.

Uncovering Durable Materials 

A high-quality bed frame will be made from top-rated materials that improve its longevity and durability. For this reason, go with double bed frames made from pine, oak, and mahogany; these frames bring timeless elegance and unbeatable strength. If you like your bed frame's modern aesthetics, go ahead with durable iron or steel structures. The bottom line is that you must ensure your frame is built to withstand regular wear and tear.

Factoring In The Bed's Height

A bed's height is a matter of choice, but it affects accessibility and comfort equally. For example, a high bed frame will make getting out of the bed or in it simpler. On the other hand, a low-profile one will bring a contemporary yet relaxed look and feel. A higher bed frame with rock-solid support will be ideal for someone with mobility issues. On the contrary, a lower profile will be apt for someone who likes minimal and clean aesthetics. 

Finding Whether You Want A Box Spring 

Having a box spring isn't mandatory with every double bed frame. Platform beds, for instance, can support the mattress directly, eliminating a box spring's need in toto. Conversely, conventional bed frames might require a box spring to offer add-on height and support to the mattress. To be sure, kindly cross-check the manufacturer's recommendations on the bed frame regarding the necessity of a box spring.

Wrapping It Up

Putting your money on a high-quality double bed frame and even a king bed frame is integral to achieving a sound sleeping experience. When you consider multiple factors like a bed frame's style, height, size, material, etc., you'll find the right one that complements your bedroom and offers years of comfort and support. Always remember that a restful sleep starts with a robust foundation – which a quality bed frame can provide. You can find best-in-class double bed frames at Jory Henley Furniture, home to top-rated furnishings in bedrooms, dining, lounges, outdoors, and offices.