General Policy


  1. There are four payment options: cash, card, bank cheque and direct bank transfer.
  2. A minimum 30% deposit of the total price is required at the time the order is made. Any remaining balance (besides the deposit) should be paid in full and received by us before the agreed delivery date.
  3. A 2%-3% surcharge fee may be imposed by the credit card agency: 2% for standard credit card, 2% for company/premium credit card and 3% for international/platinum credit card.



  1. We deliver to most of the regions across New Zealand.
  2. The delivery fees normally start from $89 depending on the distance. The purchased goods will be normally delivered between approximately 10am and 6pm from Monday to Saturday or on the agreed delivery date after the full payment is made. No responsibility will be taken for unavoidable delays. The charge will be varying according to different size products and regions.  Our website will show the delivery charge separately once you complete the delivery address when you check out.
  3. You will be informed of delivery date one day in advance if the specific delivery date is not booked or confirmed while placing orders.
  4. If customers fail to accept the goods when delivery arrives, re-delivery fees may be charged depending on the distance. Alternatively, customers can choose to pick up from our stores without extra payment.
  5. Any damages in transit should be reported to the carrier and store within 24 hours after receiving.

Extra fees will be charged for express/same-day delivery, carrying goods upstairs or into the lifts, assembly, cardboard collection and disassembly of old furniture upon requests. Costs may vary between $40~$100 per item and per level of staircase according to the size and weight of the purchased products.


Policy of Made-to-Order

  1. A minimum 50% deposit of the total order has to be prepaid for any ‘made to order’ product and all of our custom-made products are NON-REFUNDABLE after the order is placed.


Policy of Lay-By Order

  1. Lay-bys can only be made by people over the age of 21.
  2. Current driver’s license or other recognized identification must be presented at the time of lay-by, payment and final collection. Excludes phone credit card payments.
  3. Lay-bys on behalf of other person will not be accepted under any circumstances.
  4. All lay-bys require a minimum order of $500, and a minimum 20% non-refundable deposit of the total price has to be paid while making an order, balance must be paid in full within 60 days of initial purchase.
  5. Deposit can be paid by cash, card, bank cheque and direct bank transfer.
  6. An invoice will be given for the remaining balance; in which you will have 60 days to pay in full. Regular weekly or fortnightly payment is not required; however, balance must be paid in full within 60 days of initial purchase and received by us.
  7. If your lay-by has not been paid in full within allocated time frame, your order will be cancelled, and item will be returned to stock. Payments made (minus non-refundable deposit) will be refunded to a nominated PayPal or bank account.
  8. A customer can only have one lay-by at any given time. We also reserve the right to refuse lay-bys to anyone who has failed to follow through with a previous lay-by.
  9. No administration fee is charged on Lay-By’s, ("Excluding Cancelation Fee”).

No goods will be sent or released until paid in full.


Policy of Warranty

  1. Warranty is applied to and varied from different products. The warranty of mattress is as specified on the product description.
  2. Please check the goods received carefully, report any defect found WITHIN 48 hours after receiving. Non-structural defects such as scratches or loose stitches reported after 48 hours are NOT covered by warranty.
  3. Warranty does NOT apply to the products sold as clearance, floor stock, repaired products, or products that have a defect where this has been drawn to the customer’s attention BEFORE the purchase of the product.
  4. Warranty does NOT apply to products that have been stored, assembled or installed incorrectly, used inappropriately, abused, misused, altered, or cleaned using the wrong cleaning methods or cleaning products.
  5. Warranty does NOT cover normal wear and tear, cuts or scratches, or damage caused by impacts or accidents.
  6. Warranty does NOT apply if the product has been placed outdoors or in a humid environment except the outdoor furniture.
  7. Warranty does NOT cover consequential or incidental damage.


Policy of Refund, Exchange, After-Purchase Service and Storage

The original purchase receipt must be provided to be eligible to make claims.


Please choose carefully as refunds are NOT normally given if you have changed your mind or made a wrong selection.

  1. When refund is made, all remaining funds will be transferred to shop credit in all cases.
  2. Full Payments or deposits will be transferred as shop credit if a notice is given 24 HOURS AFTER PURCHASE (NOT include custom orders). A 10% restocking fee of purchase price may be charged if customer fails to notify the store in time.
  3. If request is made after delivery, a restocking fee of 10% of purchase price, costs of pick up items and carry them downstairs (if applicable) will be charged, if the delivered items are in original packages.
  4. If request is made after delivery, a restocking fee of 25% of purchase price, costs of pick up items, disassembly of assembled furniture and carry downstairs (if applicable) will be charged, if the delivered items are NOT in original packages or USED.
  5. Costs of delivery, assembly and deliver upstairs (if applicable) for the purchased goods are NON-REFUNDABLE.
  6. Mattresses that are opened and used are NOT eligible for refund.



  1. No extra payment will be asked other than price differences for exchange of products if a notice is given 2 DAYS BEFORE delivery (NOT include custom orders), 10% restocking fee may be charged if the customer fails to notify the store in time.
  2. Requests made after delivery will incur a restocking fee of 10% of purchase price, costs of re-delivery, deliver upstairs and assembly (if applicable) in addition to price difference, if the delivered items are in original packages.
  3. Requests made after delivery and purchased items are NOT in original packages or USED, a re-stocking fee of 25% of purchase price, disassembly of assembled furniture, carry items downstairs (if applicable) will be charged in addition to the costs of b.
  4. Mattresses that are opened or used are NOT eligible for exchange.


After-Purchase Service [Please Refer to Warranty Policy for Details]

  1. Photos are required for any damages found on the purchased product as evidence copies.
  2. Double Star Ltd will examine the product and decide, at its sole discretion, if it is covered under the warranty of purchased products.
  3. If damage is confirmed to be covered under warranty, FREE customer services (Including inspecting the goods, repairing, or providing you with a replacement) will be offered. This does not apply to any repair work not authorized by us.
  4. Replaced parts will become the property of Double Star Ltd.
  5. Extra fees will be charged for damages caused otherwise.



  1. If customer fails to pick up or accept delivery at the agreed date without advanced notice, a storage fee of 2% of purchase price may be charged per day since then.
  2. Customers who notified us 2 DAYS IN ADVANCE to postpone delivery date, free storage will be offered for 2 WEEKS since the original agreed delivery date.

Website Sign-up Shipping Subsidy

Website sign-up members who order over $1500 can get AKL city Free Shipping or $89 shipping subsidy outside of AKL.


New Zealand Sales Only

  1. The information on this website is intended and applicable for New Zealand consumers only and is governed by New Zealand law.
  2. The price is in New Zealand dollars, all transactions are billed in New Zealand dollars.